New year eve

Equipments Detail

Recording and Mixing
Approximate Dimensions:
Control Room: 7.5m x 8m
Studio: 22m x 15m
Live area: 13m x 10m
Separate drum booth with variable acoustics,
Piano & Amplifier traps
Studio accommodates 60 persons
PolyGram Custom – 40 inputs, 24 outs and 8 auxiliary sends. Traditional split design.
5 band quasi parametric EQ on all inputs

Studer A80 mkIII 24 track analog recorder
Studer A80 mkII 16 track analog recorder
Studer A80 & B67 1/4″ Stereo recorders
Tascam DA38 8 track Digital Recorder
Alesis HD24 24 track Digital HD Recorder
Panasonic & Sony DAT Recorders
Macintosh based Stereo HD Recorder/Editor
Macintosh based ProTools TDM Multitrack System with SSD

Quested 212bc Main Monitoring (3 way active)
Yamaha & Auratone near field monitoring

Hill, Harrison, Yamaha

Noise Reduction:
Dolby-SR (24 channels)
dbx 180 Type I (24 channels)
Dolby A 361 (4 channels)

Outboard Equipment:
Lexicon 200
EMT 140TS Plate
Yamaha Rev 5
Yamaha SPX900
Yamaha SPX90 II (2 units)
Ensoniq DP/4
AMS 15-80S (dual channel sampling & pitch shift)
Eventide H949 Harmonizer
Roland SRE-555
A&D Panscan
Roland GP-8 Guitar effects
MXR & BOSS guitar effects pedals
Synton 222 “Syntovox” Vocoder
BBE 822 Sonic Maximizer
SPL Vitalizer
Leslie Loudspeaker cabinet with Pre amp
RTL SMPTE to MIDI synchronizer, TC Gen / Reader
Drawmer M500 Digital Dynamics Processor
PolyGram Custom Compressors, Limiters, Gates & De-essers

Neumann U-87 (4)
Neumann U-47FET (1)
Neumann KM84 (2)
Schoeps CMC5-U (2) (with Cardiod or Omni capsules)
Sennheiser MD-441U (2)
AKG D-12 (1)
STC 4038 (2)
Shure SM-57 (3)
Electrovoice RE20 (1)
Audio-Technica AT2020 (1)
Behringer B1 (2)
Behringer B5 (2)
Behringer C2 (2)

(Total 24)

Custom distribution amps (4)
AKG, Sennheiser & Beyer Dynamic

Musical Instruments, Keyboards & Sound Modules:
Yamaha SY77
Yamaha DX7
Roland JV880
EMU Proteus 2 XR
Akai S1000
Moog “Polymoog”
Roland SH-2
Mellotron (with Flute, Celli & Violin tapes)
Fender-Rhodes Electric Piano
Linn Drum
Ludwig Drum Kit (complete)
Fender “Bassman” Amplifier
Peavey “Combo 300″ Bass Amplifier
Fender “Pro-reverb” guitar amplifier
Musicman 410-HD guitar amplifier
Yamaha C3 Conservatory Grand Piano
Kawaii RX7 Semi Concert Grand Piano
Ovation Acoustic guitar
Conga drums
Bongo drums
and other assorted small percussion instruments

MIDI & Hard Disk Tools:
Macintosh based HD Recorder / Editor
Various music sequencing software tools
Opcode Session 4 Synchroniser

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